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It's Familiar

The Start menu is back and improved. Access your favourite things quickly. Your files will be preserved and the apps that you’ve pinned to the taskbar will be waiting for you. Learn more




Fast. Compatible. More Secure.

Windows 10 starts up 28% more quickly than Windows 7, resumes faster and comes with more security features than ever. And it’s designed to work with the hardware and software that you already use. Learn more





Get amazing new features

Windows 10 is packed with innovations like Cortana, your truly personal digital assistant2 and Microsoft Edge, an all-new browser. Learn more


Enjoy the new Windows Store

Explore a continuously expanding selection of apps, games and now films, TV programmes and the latest music – all certified by Microsoft.3 Learn more









We've got your back

Our team are here for you, if you have any problems or need help just get in touch and we'll guide you though the process.